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3 Diver Portable Panel

Falcon’s 3Diver portable panel can supply breathing quality air at required pressure and flow for two working divers at depth and Surface standby diver on demand .This portable panel uses HP regulated source as Diver 1,2&3 Primary and Secondary source. The storm case protect the dive panel and provided with penetration fitting for the umbilical connection .

  • Consist of independent primary source to all diver from High pressure regulated supply
  • 4 Nos of pressure reduction regulator, Pressure relieve valve for each Diver Supply Manifold
  • Depth gauges and Diver supply gauges ,Pressure relief protection and flow limiting orifice for Depth gauge
  • Oxygen Analyser and flow meter for each Divers


  • Diver CCTV system with recording ,Light Intensity controller and Overlay
  • Nitrox Compatibility
  • Digital depth gauges
  • IACS Class Approval or 3rd Party Approval


  • IMCAD040 or IMCAD023 DESIGN compliance
  • IMCAD048 surface supplied diving operations using nitrox
  • IMCAD012 Stainless steel in oxygen systems Compliance
  • Testing and certification in accordance with IMCA D018