We provides Specialized Design Services

At Falcon Subsea, precision is our hallmark. Our structural design service goes beyond aesthetics; We create strength and credibility. We evaluate existing structures and design new ones, all in compliance with international standards. From steel structural design to pressure vessel design (ASME PVHO-1, ASME Section VIII, PD5500), we are your trusted partner. Immerse yourself in our world of diving, life support design, detailed pneumatic system design (valves, fittings, process flow diagrams) and electrical and hydraulic design to global standards. Your structural dreams are reinforced with excellence.


We provides Specialized Design

Our commitment to accuracy, compliance and security runs deep. From structural design to pressure vessels, life support systems and electrical engineering, we are your trusted partner. We bring your ambitions to life with excellence. When it comes to quality and reliability, choose Falcon Subsea – your key to diving into the future with confidence.

Pressure Vessel Design and Evaluation

We specialize in pressure vessel design that complies with ASME PVHO-1, ASME Section VIII, PD5500 and more. Our evaluations ensure safe and efficient pressure vessel performance.

Diving and Life Support Design

Safety is paramount. Our diving and life support design ensures that life saving equipment is optimized for functionality and reliability, meeting international safety standards.

Pneumatic System Design

From valves and fittings to process flow diagrams, we create pneumatic systems that deliver efficiency and precision. Trust us for seamless pneumatic solutions.

Electrical Drawings and Calculations

Our electrical expertise includes detailed drawings and calculations following international standards. We design electrical systems that power your success.

Hydraulic Pressure Assembly Design

Fluid energy is our strength. We engineer flawlessly functioning hydraulic and pressure assemblies that meet global standards for safety and performance.