We provides Specialized Services

Falcon offers a comprehensive range of subsea diving system repair and modification services, ensuring maximum safety and performance of your equipment. Our team of dedicated experts specializes in maintaining, repairing and upgrading your diving systems to meet international standards and regulations. Dive with confidence knowing your equipment is in top condition.


Our Extensive Diving System Service

With Falcon Subsea’s specialized services, your diving system consistently delivers superior performance, meeting international standards of precision and expertise. Dive in with us with confidence, knowing your equipment is in good hands. Contact us for more!

In-situ machining of damaged surfaces

Falcon Subsea's precision machining techniques restore corroded surfaces to their optimal condition, ensuring the structural integrity of your diving system.

Sealing Face Stainless Steel Overlay

Our stainless steel overlay services enhance sealing capabilities and extend the life of critical components in your diving system.

Hydrostatic Testing and 10-Year Service

Regular hydrostatic testing and a comprehensive 10-year service are essential to the safety and compliance of your diving equipment.

Dive System Equipment Refurbishment

Our expert technicians refurbish dive system equipment, ensuring extended operational life and improved reliability.

Class-Certified Structural Frames (DNV 2.7-1

Our structural frames meet DNV 2.7-1 standards, guaranteeing quality and safety on every dive.

Structural Assessment and Hydraulic System Upgrade

We perform in-depth structural assessments and hydraulic system upgrades for launch and recovery systems (LARS) and winches to maintain maximum efficiency.

Compressor overhauling and recalibration

Count on our comprehensive compressor services to ensure smooth and safe operation.

SPHL Fiberglass Polishing Services

Our meticulous fiberglass polishing services keep Submersible Personal Hyperbaric Lifeboat (SPHL) components in top condition.

Diving Bell Insulation Services

We maintain the insulation of your diving bell, increasing comfort and safety during extended underwater operations.

Periodic maintenance and load testing of structural frames

Falcon Subsea performs regular maintenance and load testing of your structural frames to ensure reliability and compliance.