We provides Specialized Services

At Falcon Subsea, we pride ourselves on ensuring the reliability and safety of your pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Our team of experts specializes in the meticulous overhaul of these critical systems to keep your diving and life support equipment running at peak efficiency.


We offer a comprehensive range of services for pneumatic systems and Hydraulic System Overhauling

Trust Falcon Subsea’s commitment to quality and expertise in pneumatic and hydraulic system maintenance. We understand the critical nature of these systems in diving and life support operations and are committed to maintaining them in peak condition. Contact us today to discuss your specific pneumatic and hydraulic system needs!

Dive Panel Inspection, Overhauling and Repairs

Our experts carefully inspect dive panels, overhaul them when necessary and carry out repairs to ensure optimal performance.

Deck Decompression Chamber Refurbishment

Safety is paramount and we refurbish and refurbish deck decompression chambers to meet the strictest industry standards.

Cylinder Quad Overhauling and Recertification

Cylinder quads play an important role in diving and life support systems. We specialize in comprehensive overhaul and recertification of cylinder quads, ensuring they run reliably and safely.

Internal testing and revalidation of diving kelly tubes

Our rigorous internal testing and revalidation of diving kelly tubes ensures compliance with the highest safety standards. We do not compromise on device security.

LARS (Launch and Recovery System) Overhauling

Launch and recovery systems are critical to successful diving operations. Falcon Subsea provides specialized overhauling services for LARS, ensuring smooth and safe launch and recovery procedures.