We provides Specialized Services

Welcome to Falcon Subsea, a precision engineering specialty service provider. We design solutions to increase the accuracy, reliability and safety of your equipment. Our unwavering commitment to excellence shines through in every service. From refreshing DDC viewports to optimizing thermal balance, we focus on your unique needs. With safety, cleanliness and accuracy as our guiding principles, we offer uncompromising services. Our team of experts ensures that your devices work flawlessly. Explore our services below for unmatched technical precision. Your device's performance is our priority.


We provides Comprehensive
Specialized Services

At Falcon Subsea, we go the extra mile to provide technical precision and specialized services that enhance the safety, reliability and efficiency of your equipment. Contact us today to explore how our approach can benefit your operations.

DDC viewport refresh

Revitalize your diving decompression chamber (DDC) with Falcon Subsea's DDC View Port Refurbishment Service. Our experts scrutinize, refurbish and refresh sight ports to ensure clear visibility for safe operations. Trust us to increase the integrity and performance of your chamber.

Oxygen Cleaning Services

Safety and purity are paramount in oxygen systems. Falcon Subsea's oxygen cleaning services ensure the cleanliness and reliability of your equipment. We use rigorous procedures to eliminate contaminants, ensuring your oxygen systems meet the highest standards of safety and performance.

Thermal balance testing

Optimize the thermal performance of your devices with Falcon Subsi's thermal balance testing. Our accurate assessments identify thermal imbalances and inefficiencies, allowing for targeted improvements. Tackle temperature-related challenges with our expert insights.

Off Gas Testing

Safety is invaluable in gas discharge systems. Falcon Subsea's off gas testing services ensure your systems are running flawlessly. We rigorously evaluate gas discharge processes, giving you confidence that your equipment meets safety and environmental standards.

Strain gauge services

Accurate measurements are critical in various applications. Falcon Subsea's strain gauge services offer accurate strain and stress measurements for critical components. Our expertise increases the reliability and structural integrity of your equipment.

Cylinder internal inspection

Safety starts from within. Falcon Subsea's thorough cylinder internal checks leave no room for uncertainty. We scrutinize the cylinders, identify potential problems and ensure compliance with safety standards. Your peace of mind, our priority.